Ford Village Phase III

Excellence Begins Here

On a beautiful twenty-acres of land located on the east side of the University sits Ford Village, DBU's Residential College. Often referred to today as Living-Learning Communities, Residential Colleges have a tradition spanning back to the founding of the English college system in Oxford and Cambridge, in which students of similar vocational callings live together.

At DBU, Ford Village houses students from a variety of academic pursuits who share a common purpose – the development of knowledge, establishment of character, and application of servant leadership principles in preparation for their professional endeavors.

Each housing unit is led by a faculty mentor who arranges planned activities over the course of the college journey. Residents and their mentors engage in Bible studies, community meals, travel study trips, guest lectureships, and guided discussions.

An intimate community within a larger University setting, Ford Village provides a unique environment on the DBU campus for students to grow academically and spiritually alongside their peers, in order to develop Christian leaders who serve with excellence.

Phase III of Ford Village will expand housing capacity for additional student scholars to experience the benefits of this immersive academic program.