Crisis and Recall Communication

When it comes to brand management, expect the unexpected. While unfortunate and hopefully avoided, unforeseen events like product recalls can surface at any time, setting in motion public-relations backlash, an outcry from media outlets or a flurry of questions from your customer base.

In the heat of the moment, managing your brand’s reputation requires complete focus so you can properly weather any storms and retain your customers’ loyalty. Furthermore, crisis response can take many twists and turns in a convoluted landscape, from online to offline.

At Alta Resources, we’re here for you, through the good times and when you wish for brighter days. In fact, we designed a solution to complement your overall crisis-communications plan, easing your stress, worry and resource constraints.

An Unexpected Crisis, Never an Unplanned Response

While overcoming a crisis is a big hill to climb, Alta Resources has extensive expertise to get you over the hump. We have managed the reputations of brands worldwide, including successfully spearheading product-recall communications for a leading CPG company. Our customer-care solution is flexible to suit the magnitude of your crisis — small and large scale — and your corresponding response needs.