A Bird’s-Eye View of Where You Should Go

The business environment is constantly being changed by emerging media and consumer behaviors, confusing how you go to market and the right platforms for doing so. As questions arise, our professional consulting services point you in the right direction.

We blazed the trail ahead of you, making us adept at recognizing what lies ahead and positioning your brand where it’ll yield the best results. Think of us as a road sign pointing you along the safest, surest route to e-commerce success.

Professional Consulting Services

E-commerce is more than a Web-enabled shopping cart; it encompasses complete order to cash across social, mobile and the Web, adding additional layers to the lifecycle management of your customers.

With so many avenues for you to market your products, acquire leads and generate sales, we understand that not every platform is right for every brand. Our 360-degree consulting services help B2B and B2C brands identify the best e-commerce opportunities that work for their specific situations.

E-commerce consulting starts with a one-on-one conversation to understand your goals, marketplace and company trends, as well as an analysis of how you can implement improvements to fix existing challenges. Then, we guide you through a diversified e-commerce strategy, next-steps planning, holistic implementation and reporting to fuel ongoing enhancements.

  1. Business-Model Development
    If you’re interested in going consumer direct but are struggling with how, we apply “fresh eyes” to help you see how an order-to-cash structure can deliver on your goals. In this phase, we:
    • Assess your competitive and industry landscapes, including marketing, sales and logistics
    • Determine where gaps exist and B2C goals can be improved
    • Identify alternative platforms, like mobile or social, that can be leveraged
  2. Business & Technology Integration
    We utilize our consulting insights to put recommendations into a plan. Because that means bringing our sophisticated systems to you, we set up everything on your behalf, instruct you on how to use and maneuver the technology, and enable you to better understand the features available to you.
  3. Business-Case Development
    Here is where we lay the exact framework for implementation, leaving no unknown variables for your project moving forward.
  4. Model Implementation
    We carefully and strategically apply the solution spelled out during Business-Case Development, including design, development and deployment. We also test and troubleshoot to ensure a quality user experience.
  5. Monitor & Control
    Together with you, the consulting team analyzes the outcome of our strategy development and solution implementation. Based on the insights, we then make adjustments and, if necessary, reformulate the Business-Case Development to keep you on track with your goals.