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Decade of Excellence: Our Ft. Myers Florida Office Celebrates Ten Amazing Years

October 27, 2023

In the warm Florida sun, on the 15th of September, we celebrated a remarkable milestone – our Florida office’s 10th anniversary! A decade of dedication, hard work, and growth deserved a grand celebration, and that’s precisely what we had in store.

As the clock struck noon, the mouthwatering aromas from seven vibrant food trucks filled the air. Our employees received tickets courtesy of Alta Resources to enjoy delicious dishes from these culinary wizards. With options ranging from sizzling tacos to gourmet burgers and refreshing treats to scrumptious desserts, there was something for every palate.

Laughter and chatter filled the air as the party unfolded. A cool beverage in hand, our employees danced to the rhythm of DJ Mando’s live music, celebrating both a successful past and a promising future. DJ Mando’s vibrant tunes and cheerful atmosphere turned our celebration into a true Floridian fiesta.

The fun didn’t stop with just great food and music. The day was filled with excitement as employees engaged in thrilling tournaments and games. Some chose to challenge their skills solo, while others formed dynamic teams. From friendly competition to strategic gameplay, there was a game for everyone.

In addition to the games, anticipation filled the air with the promise of raffle draws. Prizes ranging from gift cards to exciting gadgets and more were up for grabs. Each ticket held the promise of a delightful surprise, adding an extra layer of excitement to the celebration.

Our celebration featured a world of games for everyone to enjoy. From friendly matches of cornhole to fast-paced foosball games, arcade classics that brought back memories, and oversized versions of favorite games like Connect 4. The festivities extended to the pool table and shuffleboard, where skills were put to the test.

As the sun began to set on this unforgettable day, we raised our glasses to a decade of growth, camaraderie, and achievement. Our Florida office has been a testament to dedication and teamwork, and the celebration was a reminder of what we can accomplish together.

This fantastic day was a heartfelt thank you to our employees, whose unwavering commitment and hard work have been the driving force behind our success in Florida. With a bright future ahead, we look forward to the next decade of excellence, innovation, and shared â€‹accomplishments. Here’s to many more years of thriving in the Sunshine State!

Stay tuned for more stories, more celebrations, and more success as we continue to grow and flourish together. Thank you to every Alta Resources team member who has been part of this incredible journey. Onward to more decades of excellence!